Podcasts or Audiobooks

Bolinda Audiobooks An Australian company that offers audiobooks as CDs but also MP3 options and is beginning to look into other digital options.

Audiobooks for freeFree audiobooks to download in a variety of formats

LibriVox Apart from being able to download free public domain audiobooks you can have students upload their own contributions for others. A post with an idea about combining this tool with Project Gutenberg

Lit2Go Offers stories and poems in MP3 format

LoudLit.orgOffers a collection of books to read or listen to on the web or mp3 format. You have the option of simply the audio component or a visual and audio version but there is no highlighting of text

Manybooks.Net has public domain books already formatted for various handheld devices with an advantage of being able to download a book for an iPod, as well as provide text in iPod notes format. Another advantage is that if you download a book for an iPod, for instance, Manybooks can provide it in iPod notes format. The text is divided into various files and each file is linked to the file that comes before it and the file that follows it. This is done because there is a limit to the number of characters allowed in one iPod notes file but no limit to the number of “notes” files than can be uploaded to an iPod. The user can then access the text and audio of a book at the same time from the same device whenever they want to. I do not like reading from small screens but the iPad will change this.

Sync: YA Listening (from Audiobook Community US)

Free classic audio books: digital narration for the 21st century. The site offers a list of classic books available to listen to in MP3 format or allows you to download onto your itunes.

Open Culture: Free audio Books. Download free MP3's of great works of fiction, non-fiction and poetry. Authors include Twain, Tolstoy, Shakespeare, Nietzsche, Asimov, HG Wells, Jules Verne, etc. There is also a link to free audio and video downloads of university/college lectures on many different topics

PodioBooks.com Serializedaudiobooks in podcast form. Free audio books delivered as podcasts. You can subscribe for free to any book and start from chapter one.

The Penguin podcast There is a fortnightly offers of book extracts, author interviews and features from Penguin Books UK. Available in a number of formats, suitable for most computers and MP3 players, the Penguin Podcast is also available in an enhanced format for iTunes and iPods with colour screens

Wired for books The site features a large collection of interviews with different authors as well as poems, stories, plays, essays and lectures, for children and adults. David Kurz created the the website to take advantage of the many literary events held at Ohio University and it has grown form there.