Creative Commons

Music and sound
Creative Commons’ own music site. It is used for listening to, posting, sampling and remixing music with CC licenses.
A good source of sound effects and background noises the Freesound Project aims to create a huge collaborative database of audio snippets, samples, recordings, bleeps, and other sounds. All available for reuse.
All the music shared at this site is free and licensed under some form of Creative Commons license.
No paid license is required for people using this music to create new works for noncommercial use
A Creative Commons music archive
Offers CC sound effects and loops
An archive of “field recordings” from various locations around the world published under a CC Attribution licence

Graphics and photos
Searches for CC licensed or public domain photos can be done using the advanced search page of this popular site.
A moderated photo community where you can browselicensed images, within various categories, learn the licensing terms for each one, and download the ones you want along with the CC code to go with it.
Picture Australia
Australian themed images hosted by the National Library of Australia. Some images are CC licensed.
An ABC-run multimedia site that includes lots of CC-licensed user-generated video, music, art and text, as well as increasing amounts of CC material from the ABC’s own archives. Images,video,music,text

Video and Mixed Media
A video sharing site, with the aim to provide a home and support to budding artists, hosts video performances licensed under of a variety of different terms. It includes a lot of CC licensed material.
An Australian-based site which distributes videos about social justice and environmental issues in the Asia Pacific. All videos are CC licensed.
Internet Archive
An extensive internet library, containing materials from the Library of Congress, the Smithsonian, and a variety of historical collections. The Internet Archive features open audio, music, texts, images, historical video footage, and more.
This collection of free, school-oriented, copyright-friendly media resources organizes its photos, illustrations, animations,documents and video and audio clips into “kits” related to different themes or curriculum topics.
CC wiki listing notable CC licensed films.
Wikimedia Commons
A CC database of useable media files