The PRC for Year 7 Students at WFC

Introductory class: Discuss what it is & how it works at WFC.
  • Ask students: Who has taken part in the PRC before?
  • Ask for volunteers to explain what they know about PRC to others in class.
Fill in gaps that students miss and add information to explain to the students how we run it at Whitefriars
  • All year 7 classes are going to undertake the PRC
  • It will be used as a record of wider reading by students
– English staff may from time to time have a look at student’s reading
– English staff may use it in Parent/teacher interviews – to talk about reading to parents
  • 15 Books are needed to be read and verified to meet the PRC Challenge
– their reading made up of books from the PRC list (at least 10) as well as free choice
– there are over 1000 books on the year 7-8 list. (Wide range of books including some non-fiction & biographies, picture books and all genres/types of fiction.)
– students are allowed to read books from 9-10 list
– some books year 7 students like may be on the 5-6 list (eg. Wimpy kids series and so we allow some books from this list as well)
Show them how to get to lists from the library page as well as point out that the link to the PRC site is there as well.
Also on the right of the page is a list of linked sites that can help find books to read.
  • Any book read from 1st Feb can be entered into the student record and the Challenge finishes on 12th Sept.
  • All students will be sent a letter about the Challenge and a consent form. Parents should read the letter if they don’t know about the PRC and should sign the consent form. (They should note that they can choose to publish the student names in The Age and that is different from signing up to take part in the Challenge)
  • Every student will receive an individual login and password when the student brings back the signed form (or sends in after digitally signing it using the tablet).
  • All students will need to save this login and password. (Have students come up with ideas about where they could save info – eg in diary, in a PRC OneNote page, in a sticky note on their computer, etc.)
  • When students login they only need to fill in the details asked for usually author and title. It is quite simple but the Library staff can help them do that if they are having trouble.
  • When you begin reading a new book you can put in the details and then when it is finished you can tick the finished box.
  • The final step is for the reading entered into the student log to be verified.
  • The library staff verify the books on the PRC site.
  • There are 3 ways to “prove" or verify that you read the book
    1. The student could make a list (in the diary or on the computer) and a parent/guardian can sign saying that they know the book has been read.
    2. A teacher could sign (eg. The English teacher may have seen you reading the book during the reading sessions in class)
    3. You can see the library staff who may quiz you on what happened in the book

Last year one student read over 100 books but it is about each student challenging themselves to read.

Some boys read very long books and so read less titles although a lot of pages/words.
To cater for these boys we have the Whitefriars Reading Challenge for students who read 10-14 books.

In Term 4 we have a presentation afternoon. There is an afternoon tea and everyone who meets the PRC or the Whitefriars Challenge requirements is invited as well as their parents. The Principal presents the student with their certificate as well as a book prize. Students get to choose their book.

We have also started a class challenge. The class that reads the most books will get a pizza lunch. The winner here will need everyone in the class getting involved.
Everyone in a class of 26 could read at least 5 books and that would beat a class where one person read 100 books and no-one else read more than Little Brother!

The set class novel and the lit. circle book read in Term 1 also count as PRC books – so everyone will already have read at least 2 books