Are young people reading? Are boys reading?

How do we get boys to read?
The statement that "boys don't read is often" made but is it true? This is is not correct in many instances. A lot of boys do read but they are reading things that are not traditionally accepted as reading matter.There are some great avenues to encourage reading and many are widely used by the boys.

Three boys discuss high school reading in the following video

Graphic Novels
These were once called "comics" but things have come a long way since then. There many and varied in their content, visual and text. The stories can be simple or complex, simple or escapist fun.

Newspapers and magazines
Yes, boys may read these on-line but that is still reading. These may often be on a particular subject, sport or cars being to favourites, but they are interesting to the boys and the reading shoulf be encouraged.

Film/movie tie-ins are also popular.

Using Technology to respond to reading material.
Too many boys are turned off by the traditional book review and book analyses
The Web 2.0 technologies provide an exciting range of options for boys to respond. Instead of trying to force their responses, some choice and using the technologies available, has made boys enjoy their task.
Kittles follow-up video

And below is a video showing young people passionate about reading